Testo 270 (0563 2701) Cooking Oil Tester

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Published: 3 bulan lalu
  • Lokasi: DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
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TESTO 270 Cooking Oil Tester ,The cooking oil has been frequently used. Longer use is bad for the quality of the product and can lead to complaints from the customer.

The most important part of the testo 270 cooking oil tester is Testo new capacitive oil sensor. Using this sensor, measurements are carried out directly in the hot cooking oil which means that control measurements can be quickly carried out while work in the kitchen is in progress.

Several deep-fat fryers can be tested back-to-back without the sensor having to cool down. Maximum use of the cooking oil is made possible.
The oil is only changed if the limit value is reached. Measurement directly in the deep-fryer Sensor is embedded in metal and breakage-proof, can be easily wiped clean thanks to sensor protection layer Fast measurement value display in % TPM Automatic recognition of measurement end ( Auto-Hold % TPM) With 2 freely selectable limit values
Alarm function audible and visual:
- Lettering ALARM
- 3-colour LED bar ( green, yellow, red)
Configuration menu and limit values can be locked to protect them from external manipulation Removable protective case and optional hand strap ( dishwasher-proof) Conforms to: VO ( EG) 1935/ 2004, EC guideline 2004/ 108/ EC

Product features:

Parameters: %Total Polar Materials (%TPM), Temperature(C/F)
Measurement value Capacitive Testo sensor: Capacitive Testo sensor(%TPM), PTC (C/F)
Measuring range: 0.5 to 40 %TPM, 104 to 392 F / +40 to +200 C
Accuracy: +/-2.0 %TPM (104 to 374 F / +40 to +190 C), +/-2.7 F / +/-1.5 C
Resolution: 0.5 %TPM, 0.5 C/F

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Alamat: Jalan M. Kahfi I Jagakarsa
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